Special Topic: Moosehead Lake Non-motorized Trails Planning

The Moosehead Lake Region Concept Plan established by Plum Creek with approval by the Maine Land Use Planning Commission includes a trails easement and dedicated fund enabling the construction of new non-motorized trails, enhancement of existing trails, and the establishment of up to five new trailhead parking areas serving these trails. One hundred and twenty one acres of trail easement may be located on Plum Creek’s 363,000-acre Moosehead Region Conservation Easement. Furthermore, one million dollars will be available to support trail planning, creation, and improvement on the easement lands and on Bureau of Parks and Lands properties or interests in the Moosehead Lake Region.

This project represents a great opportunity to enhance and develop human-powered trails in the Moosehead Lake Region. Look for “Moosehead” tags on posts here on this blog. I hope to use this blog as a tool for sharing news, inspirations, questions, and images associated with this exciting multi-year project.

Along the Newly Constructed Eagle Rock Trail



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