Meet the Author

Rex Turner, Outdoor Recreation Planner
Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands.

The Author with his Daughter

As an outdoor recreation planner with the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry’s Bureau of Parks and Lands, I get to be part of a team responsible for stewarding hundreds of thousands of acres encompassing some truly stunning places.  I help develop outdoor recreation amenities such as trails and campsites, often with diverse partners. Additionally, I work on tracking use and trends – including reports such as the Maine State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.

Beyond that, however, I like to think that I’m an ambassador of sorts. I’m a native Mainer with a passion for the beauty and spirit of Maine’s natural history, rich outdoor heritage, and ample recreational opportunities. It is this passion and perspective I intend to share through this blog.


I’m a husband and father of two, with a large extended family as well. I’m a former Black Bear (UMaine) and work out of Augusta -with travel statewide for projects and planning. Thanks for reading and check back often!


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