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Number Four Mountain Trail Overview

Number Four Mountain Trail Frenchtown TWP, Piscataquis County, Maine Location/ Driving Directions: The Number Four Mountain Trail begins off the privately-owned but publicly accessible Meadow Brook Rd. The trailhead is located at -69.41865°, 45.63181° and is accessed by travelling a … Continue reading

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The Snowy Season & Poetry

With fall transitioning into winter, Maine’s landscapes are becoming cloaked in white. Depending upon geography and elevation, varying amounts of snow sit in our woods and on our fields. Some waters are frozen over, though many are still open with … Continue reading

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Moosehead Lake Region Trail Development Highlights for 2014

Br’er Rabbit’s feigned request to not be thrown into the briar patch comes to mind when I think about being tasked with developing new and enhanced non-motorized trails in the Moosehead Lake Region. Sure, there are a lot of moving … Continue reading

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