New and Improved Hiking Trails for the Moosehead Lake Region in Progress


MCC Team Leader Amelia Fogg at Work on the Eagle Rock Trail

Progress is steadily being made by the Maine Conservation Corps (MCC) trail crew working on the trail from the Little Moose Public Lands to Eagle Rock on the far western arm of Big Moose Mt. To date, over two miles of new trail have been cleared and work continues to construct the trail structures such as stone staircases and bog bridging that make trail sustainable. The crew has opened up new trail corridor to the ledge vista a little under a mile shy of Eagle Rock itself. Trail work will continue to open this new route to Eagle Rock.

The trail is not truly open quite yet, as a trailhead parking area is not yet established and the trail is not fully linked to the road (though it is cut open at a point about 75 yards into the woods near the end of the East Moore Bog Rd.). However, work is progressing and we hope to have an opening event this fall (more to come).

Read more about our work in a recent Bangor Daily News story.

2014-07-26 11.20.54

MCC Team Members Working on the #4 Mt. Trail

Additionally, another MCC trail crew is hard at work to redevelop and rehab the Number Four Mt. Trail in Frenchtown, south of First Roach Pond. This work will improve the old fire tower trail and serve as a foundation for extending the trail southward towards Lily Bay Mt. and Baker Mt. Over the next couple of years, it is expected that a trail network will grow in the hulking mountains east of Moosehead Lake. New trails will expand opportunities for lots of outdoor interests; Number Four Mt. is hoped to become not just a great day hike but also a portal to extended hiking in a remote, attractive setting.

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