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Eagles are Wonderful, but Don’t Overlook Ospreys.

Given that the bald eagle is our majestic national symbol, we can all be excused if it is the first raptor that comes to mind when we think about fish-hunting birds. Here in Maine, while bald eagles are thankfully somewhat … Continue reading

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Celebrating Birds at “Feathers Over Freeport”

As rewarding as working on outdoor recreation projects and volunteering at Maine State Park events can be, sometimes it is really nice to just be a parent and take my kids to family friendly outings at our State Parks. “Feathers … Continue reading

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The Poetry of Spring in the Outdoors

In his poem, “Spring Pools,” the iconic New England poet Robert Frost eloquently describes how pools in hardwood forests reflect the spring sky until the very trees cradling these pools suck up the water to grow leaves that then shade … Continue reading

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Northern Forest Canoe Trail Video and Burgeoning Spring Inspire Paddling

There’s a short video on the Northern Forest Canoe Trail’s (NFCT) website that does a great job of depicting just some of the wonderful scenery and paddling awaiting on this 740-mile water trail from Old Forge, NY to Fort Kent, … Continue reading

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